Beauty With A Conscience

Located at Killiney Road near Somerset, AVEDA salon I spa I store by Vox Studio is a new concept set up that provides holistic hair, body, face and lifestyle services.

Our eco-chic identity parallels the green consciousness of this reputed US brand of AVEDA which embraces humanity's connection with the planet by bringing eco consciousness to beauty and personal style.

We believe that acting responsibly is as timeless as the bob. We share AVEDA's philosophy of caring for the world we live in. This is why we have chosen to partner AVEDA whose hair color products are made of 93% pure botanicals, their face and body products contain 95% botanical ingredients.

At our integrated AVEDA hair salon, boutique spa and retail outlet, clients are greeted with calming teas, soothing aromas and relaxing massages. After which, our crew of global hair professionals and AVEDA trained therapists will help them embark on their personalised service. In fact, it is an intentional move to have a multi-racial, multi-national crew serving an equally diversified clientèle. This is our way of promoting racial harmony and a one-world culture.

This green wave at VOX STUDIO brings new meaning to personal grooming, where indulgence takes on a conscience. If style and beauty have a message, at Vox Studio, it speaks to multi-racial Singapore of earth-friendlier ways of living, because all of us share one beautiful home — Earth.